queen scotia

Queen Scotia mary leen

This stained glass painting is based on the story of Queen Scotia. Queen Scotia is the Egyptian King Ramses II daughter. It is believed that she came to Ireland with her husband a Milesian warrior in order to conquer Ireland and avenge the death of their ancestors that had been slayed by the Tuatha de Danann. There was a fierce battle off the coast of Ireland where the Tuatha de Danann employed all their magical powers to defend Ireland. Some of the Milesians managed to make it ashore, including Queen Scotia. One of the theories around the legend of Queen Scotia is the belief that she had the Lia Fail or the stone of destiny with her. This is the stone that kings were coronnated on through out the ages. A king could not be ordained without this stone such is the power of the stone. The stone was given on loan to the scottish King and from there the English are believed to have fought a battle over the stone. This stone now resides under the throne of Westminster. The stone was captured at a battle in the Sliamh Mish mountain just outside Tralee, County Kerry. It is here that Queen Scotia is allegedly buried.
My interpretation of Queen Scotia is a symbolic representation. Representing the winged woman with a golden halo. The snakes represent the balance of the male and female energies. The symbols of alpha, beta, gamma and omega represent creation through sound. The chain mail is representative of a warrior queen and the scarab was seen as an earthly symbol of the heavenly cycle.

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